Transition: Tools for Change

Transition Town is a social and economic change movement that addresses the impact of climate disruption on the environment, civic life and the economy.

We strengthen community resilience when we support locally-based businesses, align our personal and civic values with effective, equitable adaption strategies and celebrate our better nature by making lifestyle choices that take us beyond just surviving climate disruption, to ensuring that all life can continue to thrive.

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Food System Resources in Cully

The Cully neighborhood enjoys a wealth of small urban farms, food-based home businesses, a summer farmer's market and wonderful opportunities for shared meals, whether by patronizing local restaurants, bakeries and cafes or participating in farm-to-table pop-up meals and community potluck gatherings.

This site offers several options for strengthening access to information.  Knowing who we are and what is going on in Cully empowers connection.


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Growing Community: Events & Facilitation

Under "Services", you will find a google map showing the location of food-related enterprises, a calendar of local events and an interactive stakeholder map that describes relationships between services and people in the neighborhood who are part of our food system.  Where are you in the mix?

If you are part of a group that is working to move a plan of action forward and you might benefit from the support of structured facilitation, I offer this service without charge, or for time-barter service exchange.

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This site is a work-in-progress.  It is my hope that it can be a source of inspiration and practical tools that enhance our lives as individuals, neighbors and global citizens in times of disruption and uncertainty.

Thanks for being a part of my intention in this moment by taking the time to look it over!




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